Various - planet hits 7 - Nasa reveals what will happen when Planet X Nibiru hits.

The bride will have a covering from the scorching rays of the overactive Sun and acid rain because she has a covering from the SON, the atonement.  {:5} And Jehovah will create  over the whole habitation of mount Zion , and  over her assemblies , a  cloud and smoke by day , and the shining of a flaming fire by night; for  over all the glory [shall be spread] a covering . {6} And there shall be a  pavilion for a shade  in the  day-time from the heat , and for a  refuge  and for a covert from storm and from rain.

Here we reveal that World leaders are being instructed to not buy . Securities, and thus force that United States corporation into bankruptcy. This is yet another avenue in the global effort to eliminate cabal funds.    They have historically simply printed the money they needed - - using the Federal Reserve System, which was set up at about the same political time period - - 1913.

Following the reorganization of the Republic into the Galactic Empire , Chewbacca saw his people sent to work as slaves , [12] or as miners in places such as Kessel , [16] or made to serve as science experiments. [9] At some point, Chewbacca and several other Wookiees were captured and slaved by several Trandoshan slavers. [17] Like them, he was forced into slavery, working to cut the wroshyr trees in order to feed the Imperial army . [9] At some point, Chewbacca was freed from slavery by Han Solo and swore a life debt to him. [18] He thought Solo to be a "fast-talker, smug, even arrogant" man, until the Corellian proved him wrong with his hidden depths when the two of them fled to the Outer Rim to survive amidst bounty hunters , pirates , and fellow smugglers , trying to scratch out a living wage working for the Hutts . [12] Chewbacca eventually became Solo's co-pilot and the first mate of the Millennium Falcon , [3] the YT-1300 light freighter he won from Lando Calrissian in a game of sabacc . [19]

Thanks Planet S voters, you just gave me some great leads for a Karaoke Kalendar we’ll be debuting in listings soon. If you have any other venues to add, shoot us an e-mail with the details to [email protected] As for what makes a good karaoke night, my guess would be talented and personable performers, a solid sound system, an expansive song catalogue, a responsive crowd, and booze — lots of booze. And for our voters, Amigos Cantina is the place to be. /GB

Esteem needs are a step higher in Maslow’s hierarchy. In addition to being merely accepted and belonging, people want to be heard, to be appreciated, and to be wanted. People want to feel important and need status.

Various - Planet Hits 7Various - Planet Hits 7Various - Planet Hits 7Various - Planet Hits 7